A top Patty Murray ally may have just ended her Senate career with this one move

Washington Democrats are locked in a battle to maintain control of Patty Murray’s Senate seat.

A recent poll shows she’s only leading her charismatic Republican opponent by three percentage points.

And now her Senate career is on the ropes thanks to one top ally’s risky move.

There’s one issue responsible for turning scores of true-blue Democrats into fired up Republican voters over the past two years: closing schools and hurting kids.

Parents didn’t need an academic research article to tell them that suddenly locking kids out of school and away from their normal routines would result in learning loss and mental health issues.

Democrat incumbent’s Senator is already on the ropes in a close U.S. Senate race

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) is between a rock and a hard place in the battle between teachers union bosses and parents.

The incumbent Democrat is in a close race against GOP challenger Tiffany Smiley with a new Trafalgar Group poll showing Smiley closing to within just 3 percent of the Democrat.

Murray’s reelection bid could get even tougher as she continues to go to bat for her teachers union supporters even as parents grapple to deal with their children’s glaring learning gaps.

That’s because the Seattle Education Association (SEA) just threw fuel on the fire.

Students and teachers in Washington State were due to return to school on Wednesday, September 7 when the SEA decided to strike instead.

So instead of snapping their first take of school pictures of their kids with new outfits and lunch boxes, parents were scrambling to find a safe place for the children for the day so parents could head off for work.

Parents fume over illegal strike: “teachers union is out of control”

The union’s refusal to show up ready to help students catch up was taken by many parents as a slap in the face.

“You are not in a coal mine breathing toxic dust, you are stressed out in a classroom dealing with a district that is bloated and top heavy.
Welcome to Seattle Public Schools and to the World. Get back to work and solve this like adults,” One Seattle parent wrote in a comment on a West Seattle Blog story about the strike. “We pay you to do a job, not to drag us into your inability to solve labor problems.”

Another added, “Totally in agreement 100%! This is third world level nonsense. Teachers union is out of control. Our kids have a state constitutional right to education that is being infringed by this illegal strike.”

So far, students have lost their entire first week of school and still have no idea when they’ll be back in the classroom.

Unions and their Democrat politician allies hurt school kids

The teachers union is claiming throwing this massive toddler-style temper tantrum during the beginning of their school year is somehow going to benefit the children.

But it is blatantly illegal.

And it looks an awful lot like a political power grab like those playing out all over the nation as the battle lines are drawn in the sand.

Last year Virginia voters made it clear exactly how unhappy they were with the Democrat ticket for governor and lieutenant governor after Terry McAuliffe sacrificed their campaigns to pander to powerful teachers union bosses.

Now it looks like history could repeat itself in the Washington State Senate race in a couple of months.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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