A top Biden ally is clueless why citizens are furious after he announced this mind-numbingly stupid idea

Joe Biden and the Democrats believe they can get away with anything no matter how insane.

They tell bald-faced lies to the American people while their corporate-controlled Big Media pals leap to back them up.

But this top Biden ally is clueless about why citizens are furious after he announced one mind-numbingly stupid idea.

Economically literate astounded after governor uttered two words in the middle of recession

Democrats have given up on even trying to make sense regarding the economy.

Instead they just repeat propaganda talking points and hope that the American people won’t notice the 40-year-high inflation and supply chain issues.

Democrat Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf believes his Party’s socialist propaganda or he just thinks Keystone State citizens are dumb enough to fall for “stimmies” again.

Wolf wants even more stimulus into the economy in the middle of an inflationary crisis.

The Daily Wire reported that “Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA) renewed a push to greenlight $2,000 stimulus checks for Pennsylvanians earning $80,000 or less. Wolf argued during a Monday event in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, that the ‘Pennsylvania Opportunity Program’ will help families cope with surging inflation. The initiative would cost $500 million and draw funds from the state’s $15 billion budget surplus.

Wolf argued, “We can actually help families get lifesaving medicine out of state funds. We can help families stay in their homes…We can help families afford to eat. Why on earth wouldn’t we do it? Especially now, again, when we have the money sitting in the bank.”

He also balked at Republicans raising economic concerns.

Wolf added, “It’s just mind-boggling, the sense that giving somebody who is trying to put food on the table or pay the rent, that that is somehow inflationary, when how many trillions of dollars did we give away to the very wealthy during the Trump years in tax breaks?”

Wolf makes the mind-numbing argument that tax breaks equal giving money to the wealthy.

The government doesn’t create anything – it takes money through a confiscatory process known as taxation, then allocates the money however it wants.

People keeping more of their own money are not being given anything

This is how the Left have reoriented people to think about taxes.

They have been conditioned to believe that tax revenue comes out of the sky, then the government doles it out.

Overstimulating the economy is what got the country in the current mess.

It’s the reason why people are struggling with higher prices, especially those on fixed incomes.

But Democrats have attempted to convince people that inflated costs are the product of business greed.

Democrats always hit the little guy

Despite their repeated rhetoric, it’s always the little guys they plan to tax more – never the massive corporate monopolies they pass laws to prop up and bail out with taxpayer dollars.

The Left are going to keep doubling down on the same bad policies, and people will continue to suffer.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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