A terrorist is being let out of prison after committing one unspeakable crime

Democrats are now being steered by the radicals.

But the party has long been warm to fringe leftists.

Now a terrorist is being let out of prison after committing one unspeakable crime.

Cop killer and communist revolutionary Joanne Chesimard, who goes by the name Assata Shakur, escaped from prison and fled to Cuba in the early 1980s where she currently lives in exile.

Now Sundiata Acoli, one of her murderous accomplices, is being released from prison.

The New Jersey Parole Board voted 3-2 to keep him in prison, but the state Supreme Court ruled that he be paroled.

Justice Barry Albin wrote, “No member of the Court disputes that Acoli committed a horrific crime . . . The issue, however, is whether Acoli, after nearly five decades of imprisonment, has satisfied the statutory demands that govern his parole eligibility. The Parole Board, like every government agency, must faithfully discharge the law entrusted to it, even when it may not be popular to do so. However despised Acoli may be in the eyes of many because of the notoriety of his crime, he too is entitled to the protection of the law – and to the fair and impartial administration of justice. That is what our commitment to the rule of law requires.”

Leftists have always had an affection for felonious criminals who represent their revolution toward the communist utopia.

Chesimard has become a folk hero among people on the Left, particularly the radicals.

For example, far-left San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin – one of the radical prosecutors bankrolled by George Soros – was named after Chesimard.

Both Boudin’s birth parents and adoptive parents were Weather Underground terrorists.

ESPN even featured a poem that included a tribute to Chesimard, but it was later pulled after pushback.

A spokesperson for the company said, “There was an oversight in the editorial process for selecting the poems for the ‘Five Poets on the New Feminism’ feature on espnW . . . Dr. DaMaris Hill is a respected professor and poet, who submitted this poem based upon her personal feelings toward Assata Shakur. While the editors welcomed a contribution from a notable writer and chose it as a reflection of this one poet’s experience, upon further review we have decided it is not an appropriate selection for our site and have removed the piece from the feature.”

There is no criminal heinous enough for the Left to disavow if their crimes were in service of “the revolution.”

Murdering cops and state troopers is even quietly celebrated by segments of the Left.

Acoli is now a free man at 85-years-old, but the cops he helped kill aren’t so lucky.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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