A shocking sex scandal in one school district just got worse

The public education beast is rearing its ugly head.

Parents across the country are realizing that current ideologues are running their schools and school boards.

And a shocking sex scandal in one school district just got worse.

Loudoun County, Virginia has become a battleground in the fight against radical leftists controlling government education.

One father named Scott Smith was dragged out of a school board meeting, arrested, and painted as a symbol of the growing “threat” to public educators.

But Smith was simply protesting the school district covering up his daughter’s rape.

More lurid details about the teen who assaulted his daughter have come to light, and a judge found the attacker guilty.

It appears as though Loudoun County tried to bury the case in part because the rapist was transgender.

Because of the Left’s radical transgender push, they don’t want want to give their ideological opponents any fodder.

The Daily Wire reports:

“The teen who appeared in court on Monday is standing trial on two separate cases: one involving a female student at Stone Bridge High School and a different incident in a classroom at Broad Run High School, both in the Loudoun County school district. The teen, who reportedly identifies as ‘gender fluid’ is alleged to have assaulted Scott Smith’s daughter in a girl’s restroom at Stone Bridge while wearing a skirt. Despite indications that he had committed a serious crime, the boy was transferred. Just months later, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement indicating that a second sexual assault happened at Broad Run.”

One Loudoun County supervisor already resigned in light of the sexual assault cover-up scandal.

Reports show that the county covered up several assaults in schools.

There’s no telling how deep the rot goes in government schools because so much money and power is involved.

The Democrats will do anything to maintain their stranglehold on government education.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any update to this ongoing story.


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