A rock star just revealed the infuriating crime that proves one Democrat-run state is out of control

Blue state residents are being put through the wringer.

Crime and COVID restrictions have pushed people to the brink.

Now a rock star just revealed the infuriating crime that proves one Democrat-run state is out of control.

California is in the grips of anarcho-tyranny.

Pro-crime policies allow criminals to run free (anarchy) while law-abiding citizens get the big boot of government (tyranny).

This is easily seen in how burglars get put back on the street repeatedly, but people who violate COVID restrictions could have their businesses shut down, or worse.

George Soros-backed district attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco have wrecked those two cities, and another one nearly got elected in San Diego before voters discovered the connection to Soros.

Crime is up substantially in California, and one high-profile car theft proves it.

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong broke the news on social media that his vintage 1962 Chevy was stolen.

Armstrong tweeted, “My car was STOLEN 1962 Chevy II . . . This car is near and dear to all our hearts and has been in the GD family for over 30 years. Please send any sighting, tips or info to the Costa Mesa police . . . Please re-post, & find this car!!”

Costa Mesa is in Orange County, just outside of Los Angeles.

Crime and homelessness have become endemic in the Golden State.

Progressives in the state have determined that people are allowed to live in squalor on the street, and they rob and steal to fuel their drug habit.

Also, career criminals benefit from the pro-crime policies.

They constantly get put back on the street to be repeat offenders.

Armstrong isn’t the only high-profile Californian to be the victim of a crime.

Actor Terrence Jenkins and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley were both the victims of follow-home robberies – Los Angeles had over 130 such crimes in 2021 alone.

And Jacqueline Avant, wife of renowned music producer Clarence Avant, was shot dead in her home by a career criminal.

Liberal elites ignore crime and insulate themselves from the consequences of their own ideology, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so as crime is coming to their doorsteps.

Even liberals in Beverly Hills have begun buying firearms in response to Avant’s tragic murder.

San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin and Los Angeles DA George Gascón are both facing recall efforts, so even liberals may finally be seeing the light.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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