A radical Mayor just threw her police force under the bus with one shocking statement

The COVID regime refuses to let the pandemic end.

Petty tyrants around the country are abusing their power in unconstitutional ways.

And a radical Mayor threw her police force under the bus with one shocking statement.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has overseen a jaw-dropping surge in crime during her tenure, and things could get a whole lot worse.

Lightfoot is requiring her entire police force to get vaccinated or be placed on unpaid leave.

That is a dangerous proposition for a city prone to rising levels of violent crime.

Lightfoot, who like other Democrats has defied her own COVID restrictions on multiple occasions, gave the police a deadline to get vaccinated.

So far, they are not complying.

Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara called Lightfoot’s bluff and said there could be hundreds of officers not on duty as a result of Lightfoot’s ultimatum.

Catanzara said:

“You are running the risk of literally opening up this city to looting. Even worse than last year, because you’re not gonna have any police on the street on the weekend . . . This is not a call for a strike, this is not a blue flu, this is not a work stoppage, this will be a city lockout of our employees, our officers going to work, period, by the employer.”

Lightfoot dialed up the rhetoric and said that the FOP are “inducing an insurrection” by rejecting her draconian vaccine mandate.

“Insurrection” has become the Democrats’ favorite buzzword.

In light of the Capitol Hill riot, Democrats have tried to paint anyone who opposes their fascist rule as an insurrectionist.

The Biden administration is even going after parents who oppose leftist indoctrination in government schools.

The COVID regime is getting more extreme, which is creating a grander pushback.

Several companies have already caved on their vaccine mandates.

Now it’s time for authoritarian politicians to do the same and back down.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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