A new report shows some states handled the pandemic better than others despite disobeying Fauci

Two years ago, the world was taken by storm by the coronavirus.

States across the nation were quick to act, and some imposed costly restrictions that in hindsight did nothing to stop the virus from spreading.

Now a new report shows some states handled the pandemic better than others despite disobeying Fauci.

When looking back at some of the draconian measures passed to stop the spread of COVID-19, it is really terrifying how many of our basic freedoms were upended.

In many Democrat-controlled states businesses were shuttered, schools were closed, children were forced to suffocate in useless cloth masks, families were separated, and millions were coerced into getting the jab.

Our Founding Fathers would be spinning in their graves if they learned of even one of these restrictions.

To make matters worse, by most measures, none of these harsh restrictions did anything to stop the spread of COVID.

In some cases, they caused even more damage by causing people to have higher rates of depression, as well as slowing the cognitive growth of school-aged children.

One particular study, that was released just the other day, showed which states did the best and which states did the worst in the fight against COVID.

Spoiler alert – blue states did the worst by far, despite having the strictest restrictions.

The study which was published by The Committee To Unleash Prosperity compared state performance on several key metrics including the economy, education, and mortality from the virus, and the study also looked at how states and their respective governments responded to the pandemic.

According to the study, the states of New York, California, New Jersey, and Illinois did the worst on nearly every single measure.

On the flip side Utah, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, and Florida did the best against COVID.

This study proves just how worthless and harmful the extreme restrictions passed by the far-left were.

To think, so many people lost their jobs, businesses, years of education, and more for what?

The moral of the story is that it was never about stopping the spread.

It was always about power and control.

Fortunately, some Governors like Ron DeSantis knew this from the beginning and as a result, Florida outperformed most states in the nation with their COVID response.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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