A new bombshell revelation about John Fetterman will send chills down your back

Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman has made headlines over hiding from the public due to devastating physical problems.

But a bombshell revelation about his past proves he’s even more dangerous at his best.

And what he’s done will send chills down your back.

John Fetterman has become known as the basement candidate—hiding away after he suffered from a massive stroke so voters won’t know that he’s having trouble speaking along with cognitive issues.

But the real issue isn’t whether he’s physically incapable of governing as a US Senator, but rather the horrible policies he’d be likely to implement even if he were perfectly healthy.

As Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania Fetterman got a chance to prove what he’s made of—and the result is disturbing.

The Washington Free Beacon recently unearthed some stunning information about how Fetterman spent his time as chair of Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons.

The Democrat actually voted to release a man who killed someone with garden shears—and then hired a hitman to kill his accomplice.

Fetterman was “happy” to set murderer free who brutally stabbed a man 26 times

The 1976 murder was part of an insurance fraud coverup where Charles Goldblum and Clarence Miller lured a man into a parking garage and then stabbed him 26 times.

Goldblum then hired a hitman to take out Miller.

In an extreme pro-crime leftist move, Fetterman voted to set the convicted murderer free and said he’s “happy that he’s going to be going home to his family.”

Fetterman claimed Goldblum is “not a threat to public safety” in spite of the fact that a judge in 2007 ruled that there was “just too much evidence here establishing Goldblum’s guilt” to justify releasing him.

The victim’s niece, Sandra Horton, wasn’t one bit impressed with Fetterman’s song and dance about how “Pennsylvania believes in second chances.”

“His claims of innocence have no merit,” Victim George Wilhelm’s niece, Sandra Horton, told the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. “We thought [his life sentence] would be just that — a life sentence without the possibility of parole, and that he would be made to accept his role in George’s brutal death.”

At one point Fetterman actually called for freeing every criminal convicted of second-degree murder, however his campaign has been walking back on those claims in hope of making him somewhat electable.

But the reality is that Fetterman is just one more pro-crime Democrat dead set on making America as dangerous and unlivable as possible.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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