A middle school student in one blue state faces sexual harassment charges for the most infuriating reason ever

Most of America’s children have been sentenced to serve years in a leftist training camp.

Now the consequences of forcing our children to survive in a woke dystopia are becoming apparent.

And a middle school student in one blue state faces sexual harassment charges for the most infuriating reason ever.

When a Wisconsin middle school student was accused of sexual harassment, his mother was horrified.

“I immediately thought, ‘sexual harassment, that’s rape, that’s incest, that’s inappropriate touching, even grotesque language could go that far.’ And when I asked him what my son did, he said that he did not use the correct pronouns,” Rosemary Rabidoux told Fox News Digital.

Her son Braden is one of three Wisconsin middle schoolers facing sexual harassment charges for failing to cater to the gender police’s every whim.

“I was anxious and scared and upset because I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Braden said. “But mostly anxious for my present self and my future self because a charge like that on my record could shatter my chances at getting into a college when I grow up.”

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty is fighting for the students.

“Sexual harassment covers really egregious stuff, not simply using the so-called wrong pronoun. The school’s theory seems to be that any use of a wrong pronoun is automatically punishable speech under Title IX,” Attorney Luke Berg said. “And if that is truly their position, that is a truly egregious First Amendment violation.”

Wisconsin isn’t the only state where leftists are out of control.

In Virginia a school district is considering a rule that could suspend students for what they term “malicious misgendering.”

It’s a trend that has Rabidoux furious.

“This is middle school. These guys are kids, they’re learning how to interact with each other, and they’ve been taught all their life to see a girl and use pronouns ‘she’ and ‘her.’ They don’t understand using plural pronouns for one student,” she said. “Schools should be focused on education, on math and science and social studies, and not . . . pronouns.”

Ironically, the students are now being punished for understanding and using English correctly.

By completely controlling – and threatening the futures of students like Braden – leftists can ensure that in only a few short years they’ll have a huge swath of the American population trained to regurgitate all kinds of nonsense on command.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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