A major university shut down campus after an unhinged professor issued one shocking threat

Universities are the main source of the cultural chaos in America.

Radical professors are pumping students’ heads with insane rhetoric.

Now a major university shut down campus after an unhinged professor issued one shocking threat.

UCLA closed school for a day after a former lecturer released an 800-page manifesto and posted several threatening videos.

Matthew Harris taught in the philosophy department, but was let go after threatening a female professor and blaming her “for giving me schizophrenia.”

Harris posted many videos online and made references to school shootings in Sandy Hook and Columbine.

His YouTube account, which featured 300 videos with violent threats and other inflammatory rhetoric, was shut down.

Harris was taken into custody in Colorado.

His mother alerted the professor whom he had threatened, which led to a restraining order.

Harris’s mother wrote that she “felt physically ill reading” her son’s emails, adding, “I’m sorry to drop all this on you out of the blue, I only know I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did nothing and someone got hurt.”

Harris’s behavior toward students was also bizarre and erratic.

One student review claimed that Harris “is extremely unprofessional and has sent his personal pornographic content to a student.”

Another review claimed, “There was someone in my class who’s [sic] grade was changed 43 times AFTER the quarter ended. He started messaging people in the middle of the summer saying that he spilled Chinese food on their final and that they need to resubmit it. It is so laughable that I would not believe this about a professor had I not experienced it.”

Yet another student complained, “He sounds mad that he has to lecture . . . Many people in my class complained to the department that he was being unreasonable throughout the quarter and he kept on changing the syllabus, presumably because the department kept on getting mad at him.”

While the overwhelming majority of university professors are nonviolent, a not insignificant amount have ideas as kooky as Harris.

Radical ideas are not only tolerated but embraced on college campuses.

That’s why so many insane theories about race, gender, and sexuality have spilled over into the mainstream.

The Left can no longer define the term “woman.”

That didn’t happen by accident – it happened because radicals on college campuses came up with ridiculous ideas about gender, and pumped it into the heads of students.

Parents need to be very careful about where they send their children to college, if at all.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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