A judge just evened the playing field in one blue state and Democrats are devastated

Oppressive and economically devastating leftist policies over the past two years have left blue states reeling.

Now, Democrats are working feverishly to gain an unfair advantage in a desperate bid to stay in power.

But a judge just evened the playing field in one blue state and Democrats are devastated.

In the past year Americans have experienced what it’s like to have Democrats in charge.

Skyrocketing inflation has affected all Americans, but those living in big blue cities have had the worst of it with high unemployment rates and devastated economies thanks to draconian lockdown policies.

With nothing of substance to run on, apparently Democrats were counting on borderline cheating with extreme gerrymandering to win in the Midterm elections in New York.

But a judge just dashed their hopes and dreams with a judiciously drawn map.

A New York court appointed a “special master” to create a district map for the state after Democrats tried to use their blue state to help Joe Biden’s party retain control in November.

But the courts weren’t having it.

Instead, the new proposal creates a district map where eight seats will be competitive.

Considering that Republicans only need to pick up five seats to regain their majority, it’s no wonder Democrats are sweating bullets.

According to the Washington Examiner this map in just one blue state could “devastate Democratic chances in midterm elections.”

Of course, panic mode is bringing Democrats to new illogical lows.

“A special master comes out with a map that puts four Black members of Congress in the same district? So, yes, we have a problem with these maps. It would make Jim Crow blush,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries complained to CBS.

And he isn’t the only one putting on an Oscar worthy performance in response to the new map.

“What we have is a judge appointing a master that has created a very hyper-partisan set of maps for these Congressional districts that is basically going to create the Democratic ‘Hunger Games’ here among our delegation in New York,” political consultant Phil Walzak told CBS.

But their griping is likely to fall on deaf ears considering that all the arguments they’re using now are the same ones Republicans employed to get a judge involved in the first place.

The only difference between the two situations is that Republicans had a legitimate complaint, while Democrats are busy nursing a serious case of sour grapes on speculation they’ll get wiped out in a few months.

Democrats would be better off fixing a few things they’ve destroyed in the past two years, but it seems they’re somehow owned by some powerful interests including massive pharmaceutical companies and a radical leftist minority.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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