A judge just dropped the boom on the woke mob in this state

Since 2020, leftists have gone wild across America.

But now their misguided strategies are catching up with them in a big way.

And a judge just dropped the boom on the woke mob in this state.

In what appeared to be a masterfully organized effort on the left, rioting and destruction swept over the United States during the summer before the 2020 presidential election.

Self-described Marxist Black Lives Matter leaders weren’t satisfied with merely leaving transitory chaos and destruction in their wake.

Instead, they followed up their occupation of the biggest blue cities across the nation with concentrated efforts to implement a series of pro-crime policies ranging from the “defund the police” movement to “equity” driven pro-crime policies coming out of District Attorney offices.

Naturally, anywhere they could get away with it, the woke mob also started getting lawmakers to follow their marching orders.

Judge may have just saved Illinoisans from nightmare cashless bail law

Now a judge in Illinois has had the integrity to put the kibosh to at least one awful—and unconstitutional—law.

The woke left has an inexplicable obsession with promoting criminals while making honest citizens pay dearly.

The state’s new “cashless bail” law was due to be implemented in the new year.

But Judge Thomas W. Cunningham killed, at least temporarily, the wayward piece of legislation before it ever had a chance to transform the state’s justice system without first getting the approval of Illinois’ citizens.

In his ruling, Cunningham noted that when they passed the law, state legislators “improperly attempted to amend the Constitution.”

He then sent the woke mob back to the drawing board forcing them to confront the fact that fundamentally changing the balance of power in the state requires direct approval from the states’ citizens.

“Had the legislature wanted to change the provisions in the Constitution regarding eliminating monetary bail … they should have submitted the question on the ballot to the electorate at a general election,” Cunningham ruled.

He also noted that the bold move on the part of elected officials—an overwhelming majority of which are from the state’s big, blue city of Chicago—amounted to causing the judicial branch to have its power stripped away.

In addition to pointing out that the legislation is wildly unconstitutional, Cunningham also noted that it’s a terrible idea.

He wrote that it, “will likely lead to delays in cases, increased workloads, expenditures of additional funds, and in some cases, an inability to obtain defendant’s appearance in court.”

The lawsuit was spurred on by Kankakee County State’s Attorney Jim Rowe.

“Today’s ruling affirms that we are still a government of the people, and that the Constitutional protections afforded to the citizens of Illinois–most importantly the right to exercise our voice with our vote–are inalienable,” Rowe announced in a statement.

No doubt the woke mob will circle back around with a constitutional amendment soon.

However, the time that passes until then is likely to make voters even more reluctant to endanger themselves by voting to the woke measure.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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