A horrific and deadly crime in Los Angeles left a baby lucky to be alive and well

As violent crime reaches epidemic levels in some communities, the completely innocent all too often get caught in the crosshairs.

This is especially true in large, Democrat-run cities on the west coast.

Now a horrific and deadly crime in Los Angeles left a baby lucky to be alive and well.

An all too-frequent problem leads to an uncertain future for an innocent child

California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.

According to the left-leaning group Everytown for Gun Safety, the state has been rated #1 in the country for gun law strength.

As such it is perhaps curious that, according to federal statistics, the state led the nation in “active shooter incidents” in 2021 with a total of six.

Nearly a fifth of all firearm murders annually occur in California.

All this is to say that whatever the left-leaning public officials in the Golden State are doing to restrict gun ownership, statistics show that these regulations don’t seem to be curbing the violence and lawlessness.

The latest incident has left a baby without parents and lucky to be alive.

A gunman opened fire on the vehicle of two young parents in Los Angeles last Monday evening.

Carlos Loera, 21, and Ashley Guzman, 18, were sitting inside their car when shots rang out.

Their one-year-old baby was in a booster seat and miraculously only received minor wounds from bullet fragments.

The father was later declared dead at the scene while the mother was taken to the hospital and later died from her injuries.

The baby was treated at the hospital and released to family members.

Los Angeles police say that the shooting was likely gang-related and had no description available for the suspect.

A candlelight vigil was held Tuesday evening in the area where the shooting occurred.

The city is unsafe for families

The number of homicides in Los Angeles has spiked in recent years since the pandemic and subsequent civil unrest and rioting after the death of George Floyd.

Gang-related murders are up, along with gang-related crime as a whole.

Police Chief Michel Moore said in an interview on crime statistics with local TV station ABC-7, “Gang related homicides represent more than half of all the homicides in Los Angeles.”

According to LAPD’s 2022 Homicide Report, 382 killings occurred in the city in 2022.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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