A homeless man brutally attacked an elderly woman and the reason why he’s on the streets will leave you stunned

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are starting to realize that the “Defund the Police” battle cry they embraced two years ago isn’t working out the way they may have hoped.

The push by the Left to let career criminals roam free is wreaking havoc in blue cities across the country.

Recently, a homeless man brutally attacked an elderly woman and the reason why he’s on the streets will leave you stunned.

A homeless man in Seattle made headlines after grabbing a 62-year-old woman and twice throwing her down the stairs at a rail station.

The incident itself is horrifying, but what makes it worse is the homeless man’s background.

Alexander Jay, a 40-year-old, was arrested earlier this month for the attack on the woman and it was later revealed that Jay has nearly two dozen prior convictions.

Yet, Jay is still roaming the streets of Seattle freely.

Seattle has seen crime rates skyrocketing ever since the city’s Democrat leaders took a pro-crime approach to their policies.

Crime is so bad in Seattle, Amazon announced earlier this week that it would be pulling its offices out of the city.

According to the footage of the attack, it was completely unprovoked.

Jay and the victim can be seen traveling in the same light rail car, but at no time was there any interaction between the two.

Video shows Jay chasing after the 62-year-old victim as she walked up the stairs out of the station.

It was at the top of the stairs that the previously convicted criminal is seen throwing the innocent woman down the stairs.

But one throw wasn’t enough for Jay.

He followed the victim down the stairs and grabbed her again before throwing her farther down the stairs.

As station security officers arrived to help the victim, Jay proceeded up the stairs and out of the station.

Police located Jay the day after the attack, about half a mile from the station and arrested him.

The judge in Jay’s case charged the homeless man with second-degree assault and prosecutors recommended he be held on $150,000 bail arguing that courts have issued more than 15 bench warrants for his failure to appear at numerous hearings.

This is the result of the Democrat Party’s pro-crime agenda and it’s only getting worse.

Criminals don’t care if they’re caught because they know nothing will happen to them and they’ll be released.

This is Joe Biden’s America.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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