A homeless camp is growing out of control in this liberal city and residents are finally fed up

The sad truth about this nation is, every time you enter a major city it feels like you are in a scene from “Night of the Living Dead.”

The drugs, crime, and pollution homeless people are causing to society are like nothing we have seen in years.

But citizens of this one liberal city are finally fed up with the problems that ever-expanding homeless camps are causing.

Homelessness is a major issue facing our nation, especially in major cities.

But when you look at the policies these cities have enacted to curb homelessness, it is easy to see why the problem just keeps getting worse.

An excellent example is the city of Portland.

Over the last couple of decades or so, Portland has earned a reputation as being the most radical leftist population center in the nation.

A day does not go by when you don’t see Portland making headlines for some insane policy they passed or some government-sanctioned riot that sweeps through the city.

Perhaps the craziest of their policies includes their legalization of “urban camping.”

These leftist whack jobs running Portland are classifying homeless tent cities as urban camping and have legalized this practice on all public grounds.

So as you can imagine, nearly every square inch of park space has been covered with homeless encampments.

As a direct result of these brain-dead policies, public parks have become unusable, and crime is spiraling out of control.

But it looks like the citizens of the city of Portland are finally starting to wake up to this fact.

Just recently, at the homeless camp in Normandale Park in the Northeast section of Portland, five people were shot, leaving a woman dead.

Since the shooting, a memorial has been erected for the slain woman, and citizens are starting to take notice of the violence pouring out of these homeless camps.

About damn time . . .

It is a shame that somebody had to die for these woke Portlanders to take notice of the mess they have created.

Having said that, it seems very unlikely that people will have the guts to stand up and actually do something about this.

More likely than not, these leftists will use this as a ridiculous excuse to try and take even more guns away from law-abiding citizens.

Or better yet, hand out more heroin needles and crack pipes to these homeless people.

It is hard to say how many more lives will need to be taken before the people of Portland wake up to the problem that is infecting their once-beautiful city.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any update to this ongoing story.


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