A hardened murderer plans on paying tribute to the person who will let him free

It is not a secret that nearly all violent criminals return to a life of crime after they go to prison.

That is why lenient sentencing is an absolutely terrible, and often deadly, concept.

Now a deranged and homicidal criminal has decided to show his token of appreciation to one particularly weak city official who is facilitating his life of crime.

Following the riots of 2020, nearly every major city in America made significant changes to its criminal justice system.

This is especially true in Los Angeles, which is known for its violent crime rates.

In many parts of the city, criminal gangs rule the streets, and even the most well-trained police officer does not dare to step foot in some neighborhoods.

Los Angeles is in desperate need of law enforcement to crack down on these ruthless and violent gangs, but unfortunately, the city government does not agree.

Even though their city is quite literally burning to the ground, the politicians running Los Angeles have decided to drastically defund the police department due to their far-left political ideology.

As a direct result, crime is skyrocketing.

Per Los Angeles Police Department data, nonviolent property crimes are up 3.7%, violent crimes are up 6.2%, robbery is up 5.2% and most shockingly, homicide is up 13% since 2020 and 52.2% since 2019.

These numbers are startling to say the least.

An excellent example of a hardened criminal who is being released way too early is Luis Angel Hernandez.

Hernandez is serving time in prison for an execution-style murder of a rival gang member years back.

And then in 2018, he shot and killed a delivery person for a marijuana delivery service during an armed robbery.

Clearly, this dangerous man should not be roaming the streets.

Unfortunately, the Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón disagrees.

Gascón has completely bought into the far-left’s pro-crime policies because he drastically reduced Hernandez’s sentence.

And as a result, Hernadez rejoiced with prison liquor and some obscene, yet telling, phone calls.

In prison Hernandez said, “I’m going to get that n—–’s name on my face. That’s a champ right there. F—in’ Gascón,”

He went on to say “This s–t looking real good. Now we got a new DA in LA . . . so they’re going to drop a gang of, um, like my gun enhancement, my gang enhancement.”

Those quotes tell you everything you need to know.

Gascón and the Los Angeles city government are on the side of violent crime, not the people they claim to represent.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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