A good Samaritan learned helping police and kids isn’t for the weak in San Francisco

Government won’t fix the problems in America.

It’s up to citizens to go above and beyond and hold elected-officials accountable.

But one citizen learned helping police and kids isn’t for the weak in San Francisco.

A community leader was viciously attacked in this dangerous city.

Now more than ever America needs good citizens to step up and do something to help mend the many broken communities across the nation. 

Fortunately, many such hometown heroes have devoted their time, treasure, and talent to selflessly help others. 

But in the dangerous city of San Francisco, a community leader and nonprofit director was viciously attacked. 

The sad state of America’s many broken communities

One of the many reasons for the depravity and increased crime in this nation are the divisive games the far-Left has played over the years to intentionally drive America apart. 

America has not been so divided over race, politics, and socioeconomic status in recent memory. 

As a result, neighbors are pitted against each other, and there is very little respect for fellow citizens in today’s America. 

This is evidenced by out of control crime, in which young people who have no positive role models are acting out of line and homeless people have lost all hope and resort to a life of drugs without any plans to get back to work.

Make no mistake, the Left has enabled all of this depravity, and rebuilding these communities has fallen on the shoulders of good Samaritans who devote everything they have to making their communities better places to live. 

San Francisco is a city that may be unfixable at this point

One city that embodies crime and poverty is none other than San Francisco, California. 

Just about every day videos are posted online of shoplifting sprees, homeless bums tweaking out in front of school children, and people defecating in the streets in broad daylight. 

San Francisco has turned the once picturesque trading hub of the American West into Gomorrah incarnate. 

Decades of far-Left control have ravished this once prosperous city. 

And with a government that is hell-bent on making life as miserable and awful as possible,  it is up to ordinary citizens to improve the standard of living in this city. 

One such person is James Spingola who is the executive director of a nonprofit known as Collective Impact. 

This charity helps to bring the community together by linking teens with local cops to prevent riffs and mistrust. 

They also do many other things to help address the many issues San Francisco faces that the government cannot or will not address. 

While working at an event at a rec center last weekend, Spingola saw a couple of thugs blocking the entrance. 

Naturally, he asked them politely to move and as a result, they grabbed some pieces of scrap wood and beat the living hell out of him. 

The attack sent Spingola to the hospital with bone fractures under his eyes. 

One of the thugs was tackled by witnesses and was later apprehended. 

Stories such as this one are far too common in San Francisco. 

Even community leaders who give it their all to help people are not saved from violence. 

But Spingnola’s work steering Bay Area kids away from a life of crime has to make one wonder if this was a targeted attack or just another of the random violent attacks that have become so commonplace in blue cities throughout the nation.

Whatever the case, at this point it seems pretty clear that San Francisco may be beyond the point of repair. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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