A George Soros-funded prosecutor is destroying this iconic city with one jaw-dropping move

Democrat-run cities are being slammed by violent crime.

The problem is made worse by far-left District Attorneys who allow criminals to go free.

Now a George Soros-funded prosecutor is destroying this iconic city with one jaw-dropping move.

George Soros is bankrolling campaigns for far-left prosecutors across the country.

One of his installed radicals is San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

Boudin was raised by Weather Underground terrorists after both his parents went to prison for domestic terrorism.

Boudin also worked for socialist President Hugo Chavez as an advisor.

He’s so far to the Left, even liberal progressives in San Francisco might recall him.

Boudin refuses to hold criminals accountable, and now he’s at war with the San Francisco Police Department after someone in his office allegedly withheld evidence in order to harm a police officer.

SFPD Police Chief William Scott wrote in a letter to Boudin, “Very serious concerns have been brought to my attention regarding recent testimony in the Superior Court of the County of San Francisco from a member of the D.A.’s Office who was assigned as an investigator to your Independent Investigations Bureau at the time of the incident in question.”

One of Scott’s officers was the subject of a use-of-force investigation, and supposedly someone in Boudin’s office was pressured to sign an affidavit against the officer.

Scott continued, “Other evidence that was brought forward to the court corroborated the D.A. Investigator’s testimony as it related to violations of the (Memo Of Understanding) agreement. It appears that the D.A.’s Office has an ongoing practice of investigations against SFPD officers that includes withholding and concealing information and evidence the SFPD is entitled to have to further ancillary criminal investigations in accordance with the MOU.”

Scott and the SFPD will no longer work with Boudin on police-involved shooting and use-of-force cases as a result of this alleged breach of trust.

Radical prosecutors like Boudin are implementing pro-crime policies that hamstring cops and hurt citizens.

Boudin and other leftist DAs brag about arrests being down, but that simply means that fewer people are being held accountable, not that crime is actually down.

The opposite is true – violent crime and property crime are up significantly.

Crime has gotten so bad, Boudin and far-left Los Angeles DA George Gascón are both facing recall efforts supported by Democrats.

Liberals in Beverly Hills are even buying guns.

Pro-crime policies are destroying cities, and radical DAs like Boudin must be held accountable.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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