A far-left radical was convicted of one crime that will make you sick

The inmates are running the asylum on the Left.

The Democrat Party is being guided by leftists and their kooky ideas.

Now a far-left radical was convicted of one crime that will make you sick.

When peeling back the layers, many leftist radicals are exposed as perverts, repeat criminal offenders, or both.

For example, many of the leftist radicals from the 1970s quietly moved into academia in the early-mid ‘80s.

These radicals have since proliferated and trained two generations of students.

That’s why the country is experiencing so much chaos today.

And another far-left radical was exposed as a creep.

Lucas Alan Dietsche, an adjunct professor and Antifa activist in Minnesota, was exposed as a convicted child sex offender.

He disturbingly worked with a “Save the Kids” group and organized a “children’s story hour” event.

There are so many creeps exactly like Dietsche operating in communist circles.

Far-left radical movements attract criminals and reprobates because the communists require people who do not and cannot fit into broader society.

That will always be the backbone of their movement.

The Marxists of the early-mid 20th century realized they were wrong when the working class did not lead a communist revolt in America.

It turned out that people were content to move into the middle class and enjoy the American Dream.

That’s when Marxists turned to cultural issues to divide the country and brought in anybody willing to destroy capitalism from within.

Decades later, an entire “intellectual” framework has been constructed around such perverts.

Professor Anne Hendershott of Franciscan University explained, “Undeterred, the deviant sub-culture turned to academia – and postmodern theory – for support and assistance in defining down the deviance of pedophilia. It is not a coincidence that Allyn Walker is a sociologist and that A Long Dark Shadow is published by the University of California Press. Like its predecessors, Walker’s book encourages all of us to reject the pejorative label ‘pedophile’ and replace it with the morally neutral ‘Minor Attracted People’ in order to acknowledge that those who are sexually attracted to children do not necessarily act on their impulses. Holding pedophiles ‘blameless’ in terms of their sexual attraction, Walker, who uses the pronoun ‘they,’ suggests that we need to be more understanding of those who experience these sexual urges.”

It’s not an accident that many of these far-left professors that call themselves revolutionaries are such deviants.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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