A far-left extremist did something despicable to one Cathedral

Fringe leftists have become emboldened.

Their unhinged ideas are either endorsed or ignored by the establishment Left.

Now a far-left extremist did something despicable to one cathedral.

One of the main planks of leftism is hostility toward religion.

When leftist revolutionaries come to power, one of their first tasks is either to purge or co-opt the clergy.

That anti-religious strain – particularly anti-Christian – is central to the rabid Left now operating today.

So it was no surprise when a deranged leftist vandalized a cathedral with reprehensible messages.

The Post Millennial reports:

“The suspect wanted for the October felony vandalism of an iconic Catholic church in Denver, Colorado, is now believed to be in the Portland, Oregon, area. 26-year-old Madeline Ann Cramer is accused of vandalizing the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Denver on the morning of Oct. 10 with anti-Catholic slogans spray painted in bright red on the outside of the building, sidewalks, and on the base of a statue of St. John Paul II. Catholic News Agency reported that Cramer is a pro-abortion activist who was charged in 2020 with obstructing police and sentenced to one year of probation plus 48 hours of community service.”

Cramer spray-painted swastikas on the cathedral as well as messages such as “Satan lives here” and “child rapists.”


It’s no surprise that she fled to Antifa headquarters in Portland, Oregon, the place where Antifa terrorists operate with near impunity.

The terror group fire-bombed a federal courthouse nightly during the 2020 riots with impunity.

The Post Millennial continued:

“Deacon Chet Ubowski at St. Frances Cabrini in Littleton confirmed to Catholic News Agency that Cramer is the woman who approached the altar during Mass at the church just hours after she had allegedly vandalized the cathedral. During her interaction with the celebrant, she claimed to be a satanist, according to the outlet.”

Cramer fits the profile of the standard Antifa shock troop – her fervid adherence to the “woke” cult has turned her into a criminal sociopath.

Cramer and leftists like her are told that they’re being righteous when they riot and vandalize and loot and attack “non-believers” of their cult.

Church arson has sadly become common, particularly in France and Canada.

The unhinged Left and their anti-religion zeal are resulting in heinous crimes like the defacing of the Denver cathedral.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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