A crucial hotline is being ignored and it could lead to tragedy as citizens face apocalyptic threats

The world is not in a good place.

Citizens are more worried than ever.

But a crucial hotline is being ignored and it could lead to tragedy as citizens face apocalyptic threats.

Thanks to years of Democrats’ pro-crime policies in most major cities across the nation, crime has become a part of everyday life for millions of Americans.

People can’t walk down a street without real worries about getting robbed, ambushed or attacked in some way.

Gone are the days of trusting your neighbors and feeling safe with your doors unlocked.

It’s so bad that now Seattle citizens have nowhere to turn when they’re attacked because crime has gotten so bad and city administrators are ignoring 911 calls.

The primary reason why crime rates have gone up is that it is now easier to commit crimes than ever before.

Following the so-called racial justice reforms of 2020, most cities have solidified a pro-crime stance in their laws (or lack thereof) making it nearly impossible to hold people accountable for their actions.

In many cities like San Francisco and Philadelphia, violent criminals are often released within hours of committing violent crimes, and they go right back to where they left off.

One of the most extreme examples of crime rates getting out of hand can be found in the far-Left hellscape known as Seattle.

Following the riots of 2020, Seattle was one of the first cities to completely upend their criminal justice system.

In order to appease the extreme far-Left who called for the abolition of the Seattle Police Department, city government passed a law that removed police from responding to 911 calls.

Instead social workers often respond to these calls via the newly-created Seattle Community Safety and Communications Center Department.

And when it comes to non-emergency calls, there is often nobody there to answer them.

You read that right, there is no practical way to report non-emergency crimes in the city of Seattle.

So if your car is being broken into while you are away, or somebody is playing the drum set at 4 am, there is nothing you can do about it but take matters into your own hand.

Predictably this very stupid policy has led to complete and utter chaos in Seattle.

Criminals feel like they can do whatever the hell they feel like, and they feel that way because they can.

Law-abiding citizens of Seattle are now being treated as second-class citizens.

However, it is hard to feel bad for these snobby liberals, because after all, they are the ones who demanded these so-called reforms in the first place.

Like with everything liberals do, it is not a problem until it is a problem for them.

These elites do not care what is happening in the “bad side of town”, but as soon as they cannot walk to get their chai latte without being groped by a bum, perhaps things will change.

But as long as they’re electing Democrats to run things don’t count on it.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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