A corrupt government school official resigned after one enraging scandal

Government-controlled education has been completely corrupted by the Left.

But parents are now aware of the rot and they’re fighting back.

And a corrupt government school official resigned after one enraging scandal.

Beth Barts, a member of the Loudoun County school board, resigned her position amid multiple scandals.

Most recently and most notably, the school district is under fire for failing to report sexual assaults against female students.

Barts issued a resignation letter on Facebook to get ahead of the scandal.

Barts also participated in a Facebook group composed of radical leftists that were creating lists of parents who opposed Critical Race Theory.

One of the people in the group was George Soros-backed progressive prosecutor Buta Biberaj, who tried and failed to shield Barts from a recall effort.

The Washington Post reports:

“The board voted first to reprimand, then to formally censure Barts — and finally to remove her from school committees — for violating school board rules during some of her interactions with county residents and through her posts on social media. Other board members called her behavior inflammatory . . . Barts is resigning as the Loudoun school system faces a major controversy over its handling of a student accused of two sexual assaults. Parents are upset that school officials apparently allowed the student, charged with forcible sodomy in the first alleged assault at one high school, to transfer to another Loudoun high school, where the second assault allegedly took place.”

The sexual assault scandal first came to the fore when Scott Smith, father of one of the victimized girls, was arrested for publicly speaking out during a school board meeting aobut the school’s cover-up.

It eventually came to light that Smith’s daughter was assaulted in the girl’s bathroom by a male student that identified as transgender.

The school tried to sweep it under the rug, and the male student assaulted another girl at a different school by forcing her into an empty classroom.

Barts’ resignation has shone an even more intense light on the happenings in Loudoun County where officials have breached parental trust.

Parents have been awakened to what’s going on with government school officials, and they’re predictably outraged.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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