A concerned mother just got brutally punished for refusing to suffocate her toddlers

Of all the craziness that the radical Left came up with during COVID, masking and masking rules are among the worst.

The policies that many on the Left adopted forcing mask-wearing (which they practically turned into a lifestyle) did absolutely nothing to stop the spread.

The people who suffered most from these insane policies were children, and one mother just paid a steep price for saying something about it.

Without a doubt, the most concerning and dangerous policy to come out of COVID was the mask requirements for children.

First and foremost, nearly every scientific study on COVID has proven that it is extremely rare for a child to catch the virus and develop serious illness from it. Their ability to spread COVID is also extremely unlikely.

Despite these scientific facts, the radical left has gone on an all-out crusade to ensure children, no matter how young, are smothered with these useless masks.

The fact of the matter is that the Left does not give a damn about science. But when it comes down to it, it’s never been about science.

It’s always been about control.

And forcing toddlers to wear masks, regardless of the developmental effects it may have on them, is pure evil.

Fortunately, there are plenty of parents out there who are willing to stand up to these petty little tyrants.

One such parent is Daniela Jampel, who works as an assistant corporation counsel for New York City.

Or at least, she did.

Just recently, this city worker and mother voiced her concerns to New York City Mayor Eric Adams about the city’s mandate that forces toddlers to wear masks.

Understandably, she is not thrilled about forcing her toddlers, who are at nearly zero risk of serious illness from COVID, to wear burdensome masks.

Shortly after expressing her disapproval of Adams’ mask mandates, she was fired.

This is the sort of behavior you expect out of Soviet Russia.

The radical Left’s fetish for masks has gotten way out of hand, and until people and concerned parents like Jampel are willing to stand up, they will never go away.

In fact, there are some on the extreme Left who think masks should become the status quo.

What a terrifying thought.

Children should have never been forced to wear masks, and now that COVID is in the rearview there is absolutely no reason why anybody should still be wearing masks.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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