A con just humiliated Washington corrections officers 

The current political environment in blue states is a dream come true for criminals. 

One convict in Washington State just proved that by pulling the ultimate audacious stunt. 

And this convict just humiliated Washington corrections officers.

A convicted drug dealer decided to add identity theft to his resume when an opportunity presented itself. 

Brian Francisco Roman’s cellmate was sound asleep when corrections officers showed up to spring him from prison. 

According to the embarrassed authorities, two of the three men kept in that cell looked somewhat similar. 

So, when Roman decided to impersonate his cell mate it was a piece of cake to walk out with the other man’s name, wallet, debit card, clothing, ID card, and even his keys. 

Once the mistake was discovered, authorities triggered a full-blown manhunt. 

Similar looking cell mates left corrections staff with egg on their face

The Daily Mail reported that according to the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office, “all three inmates in the cell were asleep,’ according to the Sheriff’s Office. After calling out the inmate’s name, Roman awoke and ‘identified himself as that inmate and went with the corrections officers to be processed out of custody.”

Which means that somehow Roman was able to wake up and almost instantly pull off a jaw-dropping crime. 

However, the former roofer’s fun and freedom soon came to an end. 

Within a day, police had cornered Roman and tossed him back in prison. 

These days it’s almost more surprising that police managed to round him up than it is that he escaped in the first place. 

Ever since Antifa thugs and Black Lives Matter rioters swept across the United States in 2020, police departments and prisons have been struggling. 

The Defund the Police movement, heavy-handed pandemic policies, and the invasion of DA offices by woke leftists has made being an officer remarkably unappealing. 

Cowlitz County—which is located near the Pacific coast between Seattle and Portland—has the second highest imprisonment rate in the state of Washington. 

Meanwhile, law enforcement offices in the county are grappling with police reform laws passed over the past few years. 

Back in 2021 the county Sheriff warned that the new woke rules were going to have unintended consequences. 

It appears Roman’s slick jail-break is one of those consequences. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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