A beautiful young woman met a tragic fate in the city that handed the White House to Joe Biden

Life has never been without risk.

But in Joe Biden’s America, activities once safely enjoyed by millions of ordinary Americans are turning deadly at lightning speed.

And another beautiful young woman just met a tragic fate in the city that handed the White House to Joe Biden.

Joe Biden would not be President today were it not for Philadelphia – the so-called City of Brotherly Love, where Mark Zuckerberg’s “Zuckerbucks” shadow Get Out The Vote campaign in Democrat jurisdictions delivered truckloads of votes for Biden.

Now an innocent woman is dead after a disgruntled hoodlum wreaked havoc on a club he was kicked out of in Philadelphia.

Few things are worse than waiting in a long line for anything just to get turned away or even worse, kicked out for some reason.

But whether it’s a plane, rollercoaster or a bar or nightclub, the right thing to do is move on and find a better place that will take your money.

Somebody should have told that to an unnamed disgruntled bar patron, who after getting into a fight with bar staff, was kicked out of the bar.

Instead of moving on and licking his wounds, the man decided to open fire on a Philadelphia area bar known as Philly Bar and Restaurant, unloading as many as 15 shots.

As a result, a beautiful young woman, identified as 21-year-old Jailene Holton, was shot in the head and killed.

She had absolutely nothing to do with the incident and as you can imagine her friends and family are devastated.

Police have not yet identified the monster who committed this heinous act or brought him to justice.

This careless act of violence is yet another example of the violent crime that has overwhelmed the streets of Philadelphia, and countless other cities in Joe Biden’s America.

So far this year alone at least 254 people have been killed in Philadelphia, although the real number is probably much higher.

Crime now seems unavoidable in cities such as Philadelphia ever since the liberals who run that city completely upended their criminal justice systems to favor criminals.

In Philadelphia, it is now virtually impossible to put criminals, even repeat offenders, behind bars.

As a result, criminals are often released immediately after committing a crime.

And more often than not, these street thugs go right back into their life of crime.

Such rampant violence and crime are not unique to Philadelphia but can be seen in just about every community in America, especially those that have slashed their police budgets and upended their criminal justice systems.

Gone are the days of being able to leave your doors unlocked and trusting your neighbors.

Criminals are more emboldened than ever, and the democrats running almost every city in America have blood on their hands.

This time it is the blood of an innocent 21-year-old girl who was the designated driver for her friends.

The truth is, liberals do not care about the lives of ordinary people and the only way to put an end to this crime spike is by removing them from seats of power.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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